Sunday, February 7, 2010

What's a sport?

Well the Super Bowl is over. Was it exciting? Did I watch it? No. Unless by watch it you mean play Star Trek online for 7 hours (I am only taking a 15min break for some tea and a chance to blog). Well, if you aren't aware, the New Orleans Saints won. As if with Mardi Gras around the corner this town wasn't insane enough.

So what is a nerd like me talking about the outcome of the football game for? To be honest? I dunno. In fact, I really don't understand the big deal with any sports. And that has got me thinking. Why do I adamantly dislike sports? I am not against it morally or anything. And I don't think I am too sophisticated to enjoy such activities. So what is it about them that I have never been able to get into? I mean after all they are merely games played out on a grander scale. I enjoy games. So it cannot be that. Is it that I am not involved in said games? Probably not. For even when I have attempted to try sports, from my youth to my recent years, I can not seem to do it (and this isn't merely for my lack of physical athleticism).
I like to tell myself that if sports made some improvements to their concept I would get on board. Though most of these ideas are ludicrous hyperbole, I cannot truly convince myself that even making fantastic alterations to the games would make them any more interesting. Sure the idea of adding more violence to football, saving throws in hockey, trampolines to basketball, sounds like it would improve the games but would that really garner more interest? Probably not from me. Although you add Lovecraftian elements to any game and I am completely listening. I might even have liked Harry Potter if they flew around on Humboldts chasing a tiny Dumbo. I would call it Squidditch. But I know that even sports in science fiction hardly keeps my attention. I have this deep seeded abhoration to these activities that I cannot properly place.
So I continue to not watch or partake in this global sporting phenomenon. As the football season ends, and the Olympics loom ahead of us, the onslaught of the social "requirement" to follow these public activities will continue as well. And as Valentine's comes up in a week, I can feel just that much more masculine.

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