Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Techno-Geeks don't eat Apples

Alright so I will admit, I am not truly a technophile, nor a gadget-hound. I know many people who are and they must have the newest and the latest. But I realize they also have taste. There is a major difference between the true technophile and those who merely have to have the latest and greatest for the sake of fad and fashion. The technophile likes more than how the newest gadget makes him look. This is why true techno-geeks can't use Apple products.
Ok, so the Apple/PC argument is done to death. And if you ask me it really isn't even worth arguing anymore. But let's look at something more than home computing. In the past couple years, Apple has released some major products on the scene. Things that have had gadget hounds take notice. Not because they are merely the newest Apple fashion accessory, but because these are devices that standout in the market. The key example of this of course would be the iPhone. It did more than other phones of its size and price were able to do. It had tapped into a market we didn't even know was there. I'll admit I even took notice despite my undying hatred of the Apple Corporation.
This week, Apple exec, and let's face it, Media Whore, Steve Jobs, revealed the newest Apple gizmo. A supposed replacement for both laptops and the growing market of e-readers. It is the Giant iPod...err wait that's not what its called. Just what it looks like. I'd call it the Fingerprint Magnet. In actuality the thing is called the iPad, as original as it is to change one vowel of your existing products. But seriously? The iPad? Sounds like something users would only use during a specific time of the month. But this is what Apple wants to call its new tablet computer.

To be honest I have no real idea why I am talking about the stupid thing. It seems like it would be of no more legitimate use than the iPhone, iPod Touch or any other basic media device. It lacks the real power and reasonable uses of a laptop, so in essence it really is just a giant version of its mp3 player older brother. But this is the trend that Apple chooses to take. It seems the company has given up on being seen a developer of business devices and instead gone for the obvious media and entertainment market. Create things that people don't really need, then make them think that they actually do.
So why do I bring this all up? Why even write about it if I am not a technophile by my own definition? Well I recently acquired my own new device. I will admit it is something a bit beyond my needs. For once I bought a device that was not outrageously expensive but needed for my art, or other reasonable daily activity. I bought a new phone because of what it could do for me. Help me have a little fun. Its strange to think I could actually enjoy something in my day. I purchased a new Android phone. One of the few things to come onto the market to actually give the iPhone a run for its money.
All I can say is this phone is freakin' amazing!

Image from Joy of Tech

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